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Adobe Fonts | Feature Requests and Feedback

Welcome to the Adobe Fonts UserVoice! Our product team is excited to develop this page as we begin to receive your ideas and feedback.

You can vote for an existing idea or add your own. When adding a new idea, please include:
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  4. BONUS! What is your occupation, and do you select fonts in your daily workflows?
We look forward to hearing from you!
—The Adobe Fonts team

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Adobe Fonts | Feature Requests and Feedback


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  1. Multiple team members making substitutions = inconsistency, UNLESS we can create a cross reference of our chosen Type 1 > Open Type substitutions, including what tweaks each person should make to accommodate ensuing changes to line wrap, leading, styles, etc. We can't have one person changing tracking to accommodate a new font, while another sizes the font down. Or chooses a different font...

    I know the list might change, but can we at least download a "current" list of possible choices? Surfing online through our subscription fonts to activate and test is going to be a full-time job for the…

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    Thanks for sharing your feedback. I've attached a list of the fonts included in our subscription library as of today. This list will quickly become outdated as we add new fonts all the time, but we hope it gives you a starting point to manage this transition. I'm sorry that we're not able to help further, but I've shared your comments with our product team for consideration.

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